Get connected to other Catholic homeschoolers in New Hampshire online and in person.


Get support though prayer with our active prayer line.  Get ideas talking to experienced homeschool parents.


Members are kept up to date on what's going on in the New Hampshire homeschool world.  We share news about field trips and outdoor activities, social events, co-ops and gym time, curriculum ideas and fairs, and homeschool Masses.


Catholics United for Home Education NH (CUHE-NH) is a New Hampshire statewide association of Catholic homeschool families and homeschool graduates founded in 1989.  We are unique as a Catholic homeschool group in NH because we reach out throughout the granite state.  We provide a voice for Catholic homeschoolers in Concord, our state capital, protecting our freedom to educate our children at home and keep members up to date on NH homeschool bills and changes in law.  We support each other in our faith and our homeschooling efforts.  Our board is 100% volunteer and seeks to serve members out of love for God.


Join Us . . .

Membership is free and open to all parents who agree with the association's statement of purpose; are currently homeschooling, or intend to, or have done so in the past; and who currently reside in New Hampshire.  Please click here to send us a message so we can reach out to you.    We look forward to hearing from you!

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